Chef’s Table

Netflix Chef’s Table来到第二季,这是我最爱的一个节目。


很多年前采访Alex Atala,通过电邮采访,至今难忘,因为附上了一只蚂蚁在酒樽中的图片。蚂蚁有香茅的味道,他走入亚马逊,把里面最微妙的食材捉出来,让人吃的到。


Netflix第二季Chef’s Table, 他的故事太精彩!

有几个人,成功的人,能够对着镜头坦诚do drugs and sex?



“What is the meaning of life?

One night I had a dream

I was walking in the street like a kid who has the hands of the father and mother, someone bigger guiding you

And I was asking this big person, “what is the meaning of life “

He showed me circles , circles of life, and then he showed me a flower.


A plant has a circle. A seed becomes a plant that has a flower, transforms into a fruit. The fruit drops. There’s another seed, it grows again, this is another circle.

I see and understand but Why u show me the flower

The flower is the moment that we live

The most beautiful moment of the circle

The most beautiful moment

Contemplate this.”



Behind every dish there is death and people only close their own eyes to it.

but if caviar is fancy and tucupi is not fancy ,its just because someone told me. there’s a cultural interpretation of flavours

Theres a Brazilian chef called Roberta Subrack, She used to say something that i love

Our mise en place doesn’t start in the kitchen

it starts on the farm, in nature.

Living in Brazil is my reality, my soul my truth.